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Mat’s beard and hat seem to be more popular than Mat himself. He says he doesn’t try to come off as a weird safari going hipster hybrid, but we all know better. For extra verisimilitude, he tried his hand at brewing his own beer and still claims he made one spectacular batch once but can’t duplicate it. Verisimilitude is his favorite word by the way.


Despite his problems with intermittent tech rage, Mat enjoys designing and building just about everything in his own personal Maker Space his wife calls, “the garage”. His creativity combined with his eagerness to show off lead him down interesting paths that are always over-engineered and overly complicated. His wife loves that. Well, she never said that, but you can tell.


Somehow, Mathew is even politically active… scary.  While he claims to despise politics, he does seem to be caught in the middle of it fairly often. As the former President of GAPIA, the Georgia Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, he directly negotiated the language on HB254. As the current Vice President of AAPIA, the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, Mat sits on several boards that actively lobby against bad legislation and push bills across the country.


As the Founder and Dean of two Educational Institutes including his current role at the Building Experts Institute, Mathew focusses on creating the most comprehensive and action oriented education in the insurance industry.


Mat’s dry sense of humor and self-deprecation in his articles, educational videos, and weekly podcasts have made him a well known and respected leader in the insurance claim industry. 


Mat doesn’t take himself very seriously, but we think you should. Mat isn’t an attorney, so he’s able to get away with a fun Bio and laughs at how badly Remington wants to do the same but can’t because of societal expectations. Silly Esquires.


Remington Huggins, Esq.

Throughout his career Remington Huggins has helped an abundance of policy holders collect millions in denied or underpaid claims. Remington has superior experience representing all different types of policy holders in the states of Georgia and Florida.


Types of property losses Remington has represented include but not limited to: large commercial buildings, multi-family apartment complexes, Commercial strip malls, commercial business complexes, commercial businesses, townhouse complexes, everyday homeowners, homeowners associations, churches, tire shops, large hotels, to educational academies.


Remington strives everyday to protect the rights and liberties of property owners throughout the Georgia and Florida.

Remington doesn’t know that I added this part: He loves beer, and hunting, and yes, he is even sexier in real life!


Florida Coastal School of Law

Juris Doctor

Georgia Southern University

Bachelor of Arts

Bar Admissions

Georgia, Florida

Affiliations & Accomplishments

Georgia Legal Elite, 2019
GAPIA, Board Member
Super Lawyer, 2020