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Private Team

Mathew will travel to you to train your team in person! He will work with you to choose a training plan built to benefit your team the most and personalized to fit your specific needs.


Is an engineer about to get your claim denied?
Need help understanding what is in the report & how to overcome it?

Mathew will dig through the engineer report used to deny your claim, highlighting and commenting on any discrepancies.

He will pinpoint any ways the engineer messed up or stepped out of bounds.

Mathew will write a specific recommended set of questions and conclusions to share with the assigned adjuster.


Do you need answers and help on files every now and then?

Mathew will spend up to 3 hours per month as his schedule allows answering your questions or helping you with specific files.

We get many questions and people seeking help. By becoming a Patron we will place your needs at the top of the list.