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Advanced training for Contractors, Public Adjusters, and Attorneys.

Building Experts Institute offers advanced training for contractors, public adjusters, and attorneys, providing expertise in construction, insurance, and legal aspects. Our comprehensive programs empower professionals to excel in their roles through practical knowledge and collaborative learning. Elevate your career with Building Experts Institute and become an industry expert.

Elevate Your Public Adjusting Business with Advanced Software.

The public adjuster software to help you grow your business. Organize policyholders better, track your claims more effectively, save hours on administration overhead and much more. Claim Titan offers a variety of features to increase the efficiency of your claims process and help you focus on closing claims.

Policyholders are our Priority.

The Huggins Law firm specializes in the unique field of insurance coverage and property insurance litigation. The firm zealously represents commercial and residential property owners against their insurance companies when the property owner’s insurance claim is wrongfully denied or underpaid. We strive to give policyholders a voice against their powerful insurance companies when their powerful insurance company will not listen.

Home Services Marketing Agency

Win on google and hook better leads. Most agencies suck. Except we’re not really your average agency: Instead of working with everyone, we say no to anyone who’s not a roofer or home service business. Instead of utilizing boring same-old website templates, we design from scratch and help you write a persuasive website. Instead ‘setting and forgetting it’ on your SEO, and ads – we’re diligent and persistent, even going so far as to have a Google doc for each month of deliverables.

Protecting you, the consumer.

The American Policyholder Association is a non profit 501c4 watchdog organization that promotes integrity, honesty and best practices in the property loss adjustment sector of the insurance industry.

Best way to get paid on Claims

Remotely endorse, disburse, and deposit insurance claim checks when a mortgage company is not a payee on the check or has already endorsed your check. iink Pro is for getting checks through the mortgage company (MC) for restoration professionals and property owners when an MC is on pay to order line.

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